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Looking to our immune system: promising advances in cellular immunotherapies
Experts say that ongoing trials surrounding CAR-T and NK cell immunotherapies have the potential to revolutionise cancer care. Chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy is a form of cellular immunotherapy known as adoptive cell transfer, targeting tumour-associated antigens in cancer cells. CAR-T cells are typically developed to recognise and attack a patient’s harmful cancer cells. … Continued
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Innovations in Oncology Q2 2023
Potential for improved treatment of aggressive types of prostate cancer
An ongoing trial known as ‘Darolutamide Augments Standard Therapy for Localised Very High-Risk Cancer of the Prostate’ (DASL-HiCaP) can potentially benefit men with aggressive prostate cancer types in addition to standard treatment. DASL-HiCaP is a prostate cancer trial for patients with aggressive types of prostate cancer that remain confined to the prostate area. The purpose … Continued